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Cannabis Delivery In Breezy Point, NY

About Royal Leaf Club: Your Premier NYC Dispensary

Located in the heart of Queens, NY, Royal Leaf Club stands as a beacon for the cannabis community, connecting enthusiasts with the very best that the cannabis industry has to offer. We are more than just a cannabis store; we’re a movement, a passion, and a commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Us?

  • Openness and Acceptance: We believe in the power of the cannabis plant, and our doors are open to everyone. Whether you’re diving into the world of cannabis for the first time or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere at Royal Leaf Club.

  • East Meets West: Our shelves are adorned with the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coast, ensuring that you get nothing but the finest.

  • Safety and Quality First: Every cannabis product we offer, from cannabis flower to concentrates, is sourced from legit brands. They undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure potency, safety, and quality.

  • Amazing Deals: Everyone loves a good deal, and we offer them daily! Plus, first-time patients receive 10% off and a free item.

  • Extensive Product Range: With over 100 products to select from, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Weed Delivery Breezy Point & Beyond

Yes, you read that right! We’re not just a dispensary; we’re also your trusted partner for cannabis delivery in Breezy Point, Brooklyn, NY, and beyond.

  • Swift Delivery: Expect your favorite products at your door in less than 2 hours. We value your time!

  • Discretion Guaranteed: Our discreet delivery and packaging ensure your privacy remains intact.

  • Safety: Apart from our products being safe and tested, our delivery method is reliable, ensuring you get your order without a hitch.

  • Exclusive Altitude Club Vapes: As part of our commitment to offering diverse products, we’ve introduced our own branded Altitude Club vapes.

Cannabis Categories We Offer:

  • Flower: Dive into our collection of aromatic cannabis flowers, each curated for quality.

  • Vapes: Experience our wide selection of vapes, including our exclusive Altitude Club range.

  • Edibles: Satisfy your taste buds with our delicious cannabis-infused treats.

  • Pre-Rolls: For those who prefer convenience, our pre-rolls are a must-try.

  • Concentrates: Intense and pure, our concentrates are for the true enthusiasts.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Refresh and relax with our unique cannabis beverages.

  • And More: Our offerings don’t stop here. Visit our dispensary or browse online to discover a world of cannabis wonders.

Join the Cannabis Revolution

Royal Leaf Club isn’t just a dispensary and delivery service; it’s a movement in the cannabis industry, setting the gold standard for quality and service. We invite you to become a part of our cannabis community. Experience the Royal Leaf difference, and elevate your cannabis journey.

Ready to make a purchase? Dive into a world of premium cannabis. Order now and let Royal Leaf Club redefine your cannabis experience.

Breezy Point Cannabis Delivery

Royal Leaf Club: The Gold Standard for Quality Cannabis Brands

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, with new brands emerging almost daily. For the average consumer, navigating this vast sea of choices can be overwhelming. At Royal Leaf Club, we take pride in simplifying this journey for our customers by offering only the crème de la crème of cannabis brands. Here’s how we ensure you get the best:

A Curated Selection from Coast to Coast

Our passionate team is constantly on the hunt for the finest cannabis products the market has to offer. From the sun-kissed West Coast farms to the vibrant greenhouses of the East Coast, we source our products from the best growers, ensuring a diverse range of top-tier cannabis items on our shelves. Whether you’re looking for a Californian strain known for its potency or a unique East Coast hybrid, Royal Leaf Club offers the best of both worlds.

Third-Party Testing: Our Non-Negotiable Standard

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to safety and efficacy. Here’s how:

  1. Rigorous Vetting Process: Before a product earns a spot on our shelves, it undergoes a thorough vetting process. We assess the brand’s reputation, their cultivation processes, and their dedication to quality.

  2. Third-Party Testing: We believe in transparency and trustworthiness. That’s why every product at Royal Leaf Club is third-party tested. Independent labs evaluate these products for potency, ensuring you get the strength and experience you’re seeking.

  3. Safety Above All: The third-party tests don’t stop at potency. These independent checks also scan for any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides, ensuring the products you purchase from us are pure and safe for consumption.

  4. Educating Our Customers: At Royal Leaf Club, we don’t just sell products; we provide information. Our team is trained to guide you through our product range, explaining the results of third-party tests, and ensuring you make informed choices.


In a rapidly growing market, the importance of quality and safety cannot be stressed enough. At Royal Leaf Club, our mission is to ensure that every cannabis enthusiast has access to the best brands without compromising on safety. Our rigorous standards and commitment to third-party testing are testaments to our dedication to you, our valued customer.

Choose Royal Leaf Club, where excellence isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee. Dive into our world of premium cannabis brands and experience the gold standard in cannabis shopping.

Why Royal Leaf Club is Breezy Point's Go-To Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Service

Breezy Point, with its coastal charm and vibrant community, deserves nothing but the best when it comes to cannabis. Royal Leaf Club understands this and is dedicated to serving Breezy Point residents with unparalleled excellence. If you’re in or near Breezy Point, Minnesota, and you’re seeking premiere cannabis experiences, here’s why Royal Leaf Club should be your first stop:

1. Wide Selection Catering to Every Enthusiast

  • From aromatic cannabis flower to potent concentrates, our shelves are stocked with a wide selection of the best in the cannabis industry.

  • Our cannabis store in Queens, NY, showcases an array of products, from edibles to vapes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

2. Swift and Reliable Cannabis Delivery

  • Gone are the days of long waits! Our delivery time promises your favorite products at your doorstep in less than two hours.

  • Our cannabis delivery extends seamlessly to all of Breezy Point, ensuring no resident is left behind.

3. Safety and Quality: Our Twin Pillars

  • Every cannabis product at Royal Leaf Club undergoes rigorous third-party testing. This ensures that what you’re consuming is not only potent but also free from harmful chemicals.

  • Our commitment to the cannabis community goes beyond selling products. We are invested in ensuring you get only safe and tested items, promoting health and wellbeing.

4. Exclusive Deals and Offers

  • First-time patients receive exclusive deals, including a 10% discount and a free item.

  • Regular deals and promotions ensure that Breezy Point residents get the best value for their money.

5. Discretion Guaranteed

  • We understand the importance of privacy. Our discreet delivery and packaging in Breezy Point ensure that your personal information and preferences remain confidential.

6. Engaging with the Cannabis Community

  • Royal Leaf Club is not just a dispensary or a delivery service. We’re active members of the cannabis community, constantly engaging, learning, and growing to serve you better.

7. Multiple Payment Methods for Ease of Transaction

  • Whether it’s credit card, debit cards, or other payment methods, we’ve got you covered, making the transaction process smooth and hassle-free.


Breezy Point deserves a dispensary and cannabis delivery service that understands and caters to its unique needs. Royal Leaf Club, with its dedication to quality, safety, and community engagement, stands as the best choice for residents. Dive into a world of premium cannabis, choose Royal Leaf Club, and elevate your cannabis experience in Breezy Point.

About Breezy Point, NY

Breezy Point, New York: A Slice of Coastal Paradise

Welcome to our guide on the idyllic coastal neighborhood of Breezy Point, New York. Nestled at the tip of the Rockaway Peninsula, Breezy Point is a tight-knit, predominantly residential community known for its beautiful beaches and charming homes. Let’s dive into what makes Breezy Point an exceptional destination.

Points of Interest:

  1. Breezy Point Beach: A serene and beautiful beach with clean sands, gentle waves, and breathtaking sunset views. It’s an ideal spot for beachgoers seeking tranquillity. Visit their official site.

  2. Fort Tilden: Once a military installation, this historic site is now a park offering hiking, birdwatching, and pristine beaches. The art center and occasional events make it a cultural hub. Learn more here.

  3. Rockaway Artist Alliance: Located in Fort Tilden, this alliance supports local artists and often hosts exhibitions, performances, and educational programs. Explore their events and programs.

Places to Eat:

  1. Kennedy’s Restaurant: An iconic waterfront restaurant, Kennedy’s offers delicious seafood, steaks, and a panoramic view of Jamaica Bay. A favorite for locals and visitors alike. Check their menu here.

  2. Breezy Point Roasters: This local coffee shop serves handcrafted beverages and fresh pastries in a cozy setting. It’s the perfect spot to start your morning. Visit their website.

Places to Visit:

  1. Breezy Point Catholic Club: A private community gathering place, it’s an emblem of the neighborhood’s history and unity. While access is limited to members, its presence speaks to the tight-knit nature of the Breezy Point community.

  2. Breezy Point Tip: This nature reserve is home to various bird species and offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to connect with nature.

City Information:

  • Population: Approximately 4,000 residents

  • Area: 1.2 square miles

  • Established: Early 1900s as a summer bungalow community.

  • Transport: Easily accessible via the Q22 bus and private cars. No subway service directly to Breezy Point.

Discover the Refreshing Side of New York with Cannabis Delivery!

Experience Breezy Point in a new light! Our New York cannabis delivery and dispensary services ensure that you have access to the finest, ethically sourced products in the state. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, elevate your Breezy Point experience with our premium selections. Explore, relax, and savor the coastal vibes. Order now and let us bring the best of New York cannabis right to your door. Your coastal retreat deserves a touch of green!

Frequently Asked

General Questions

At Royal Leaf Club Dispensary, your convenience is our priority. We want to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, and that’s why we accept cash as a primary form of payment. It’s simple, easy, and ensures a swift transaction, so you can get back to enjoying your premium cannabis products in no time.

Our dispensary in Queens operates with your convenience in mind. From Wednesday to Friday, we’re open from 8 AM to 10 PM, providing you ample time to shop for your favorite cannabis products. On Sundays, we open a bit later, at 9 AM, and stay open until 7 PM. While we’re closed on Saturdays, our doors open again on Monday and Tuesday from 8 AM to 10 PM. Our extended hours are designed to suit your schedule, whether you’re an early bird or prefer shopping in the evening.

  • 0-3 Miles: 10$


  • 3-5 Miles: 15$


  • 5-7 Miles: 25$


  • 7-10 Miles: 35$


  • 10-15 Miles: 45$


  • 15-20 Miles: 55$


  • 20-25 Miles: 65$


  • 25-35 Miles: 75$


  • 35-45 Miles: 85$


  • 45-55 Miles: 95$

Indeed, we are a recreational dispensary in Queens, NY. We believe in the power of cannabis to enhance relaxation and wellbeing, and we aim to provide our clients with access to a wide range of cannabis products for their enjoyment.

In accordance with New York state laws and regulations, we serve clients who are 21 years of age and older. We firmly believe in responsible and legal use of cannabis, and we adhere to all state regulations to ensure a safe and compliant environment.

Absolutely! We offer a warm welcome to all our first-time patients with a 10% discount on their first order. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for choosing Royal Leaf Club Dispensary as your preferred weed dispensary in Queens, NY.

We are proud to offer extensive delivery services to Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

Rest assured, all our cannabis products are sourced from the most reputable growers in New York. Moreover, we also import top-notch cannabis flower from trusted providers and brands on the West Coast. We are committed to providing only the highest quality, third-party tested products for our customers.

At Royal Leaf Club Dispensary, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we have a fair exchange policy for any defective product. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

In line with New York’s cannabis laws, an individual can possess up to three ounces of marijuana for personal use. At Royal Leaf Club Dispensary, we strictly follow all state guidelines and regulations to ensure a safe and compliant environment for our customers.

As your go-to weed dispensary in NYC, we understand the importance of timely delivery. That’s why we strive to deliver your order in the shortest possible time, usually within a few hours. Our delivery service is not only prompt but also prioritizes the safety and quality of the products. So whether you’re in Queens or any part of NYC, you can trust Royal Leaf Club Dispensary for swift and reliable cannabis delivery.

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