Fun Things To Do at Fountain of the Planets in Queens, NY

A Galactic Experience: Fun at the Fountain of the Planets in Queens, NY

In the vast landscape of New York City’s attractions, the Fountain of the Planets in Queens’ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park stands out as a cosmic delight. Conceived for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, this monumental fountain was once the scene of spectacular water displays choreographed to music. Though its grand water shows are a thing of the past, the Fountain of the Planets and its surroundings still have much to offer. Here’s how to maximize your interstellar fun:

1. Marvel at the Fountain’s Design While the waters may not dance as they once did, the Fountain of the Planets remains an architectural wonder. Its design, representing our solar system, evokes a sense of cosmic curiosity.

2. Nighttime Stargazing With its planetary theme, the fountain provides an ideal backdrop for stargazing. Bring along a telescope or simply lie back on the grass to gaze up at the real celestial bodies in the sky.

3. Enjoy a Picnic with a View Flushing Meadows-Corona Park offers ample green space for a serene picnic. Choose a spot near the Fountain of the Planets for a cosmic-themed lunch or dinner.

4. Explore Nearby Attractions The Fountain is just one of many attractions in the park. The Queens Museum, Unisphere, and New York Hall of Science are all within walking distance and worth a visit.

5. Capture the Moment For photography enthusiasts, the Fountain, with its unique design and often reflective waters, presents an excellent subject. Sunset and sunrise, in particular, offer a magical backdrop.

6. Attend Park Events Throughout the year, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park hosts various events, from cultural festivals to sports activities. Some events might even utilize the fountain area as a backdrop, enhancing the experience.

7. Take a Leisurely Stroll or Bike Ride The paths surrounding the Fountain of the Planets are perfect for a relaxed walk or a breezy bike ride. Plus, it’s a great way to explore other areas of the park.

8. Engage in Bird Watching Being a green oasis in Queens, the park attracts various bird species. Bring along a bird guidebook and binoculars to spot some feathery friends.

9. Attend Seasonal Festivals From summer to winter, the park becomes a hub for various seasonal festivals, many of which utilize the iconic fountain as a backdrop or reference point.

10. Reflect and Relax In a bustling city, spaces like the area around the Fountain of the Planets offer a chance to sit, reflect, and simply enjoy the moment.

Conclusion The Fountain of the Planets, with its rich history and continued relevance, stands as a testament to humanity’s evergreen fascination with the cosmos. While it may not hold the watery performances of yesteryears, its beauty and the activities it anchors make it a must-visit spot in Queens, NY.

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