All The Things To Do at Fort Totten Park in Queens, NY

Discovering Fort Totten Park: Queens’ Historical Gem

Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Queens, NY, Fort Totten Park is more than just another green space in the Big Apple. With its mix of natural beauty, rich history, and recreational offerings, the park serves as both a sanctuary and an educational hub. If you’re looking to uncover a less-traveled part of Queens, Fort Totten Park should be on your list. Here’s why:

1. Step Back in Time at the Fort Totten Historic District Once a crucial military installation during the Civil War and later World Wars, the remnants of Fort Totten stand proudly today. Embark on guided tours, available seasonally, to delve into its fascinating past.

2. Relax by the Waterfront The park’s location, flanking the Long Island Sound, means you get serene water views, gentle breezes, and a chance to spot marine life.

3. Explore the Bayside Historical Society Housed in the park’s castle-like structure, the Bayside Historical Society offers exhibits on local history. Attend workshops, events, and other educational programs they organize throughout the year.

4. Dive into Recreational Activities With fields for soccer, baseball, and other sports, the park is a haven for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Not to mention, the clear walking paths perfect for a leisurely stroll or jog.

5. Connect with Nature at the Urban Field Station A collaboration between the NYC Parks and the U.S. Forest Service, this facility focuses on urban ecology. Participate in workshops, seminars, and nature walks led by experts in the field.

6. Unwind at the Fort Totten Pool During summer, the outdoor pool at Fort Totten Park becomes a hotspot for both locals and visitors. Take a refreshing dip, or simply lounge by the water with a book in hand.

7. Attend Seasonal Festivals and Events From summer concerts to Halloween parades, Fort Totten Park is a hub of community activity. Check the park’s event calendar to plan your visit accordingly.

8. Go Bird Watching The park’s diverse ecosystems, from woodlands to wetlands, attract various bird species. Early morning visits might reward you with sights of migratory birds, especially during spring and fall.

9. Engage in Photography With its historic structures, panoramic water views, and abundant natural beauty, Fort Totten Park provides endless opportunities for photography enthusiasts.

10. Picnic Amidst Nature Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, and choose a spot anywhere in the expansive park for a memorable picnic with loved ones.

Conclusion Fort Totten Park, with its blend of history and nature, stands as a testament to Queens’ multifaceted charm. It offers residents and visitors a place of respite, recreation, and learning. Next time you’re in Queens, NY, carve out some time to explore this beautiful and historically significant gem.

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